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German mortgage broker from Berlin

Benefit from first-class advisory know-how and
first-class banking partners,
Your german mortgage broker in Berlin, Brandenburg,
and of course throughout Germany.

A strong partner for your real estate financing 

Homeowners and

For the self-employed
and employees 

Follow-up financing

Are you looking for real estate financing for an owner-occupied property, for a rented property or do you need help with the follow-up financing of your existing construction financing?
Then I am the right contact person for you. I would like to use my many years of experience as a loan decision maker for construction financing and as an expert for complex real estate financing at Deutsche Bank for you, so that you can benefit from my advisory know-how and from my first-class partners. In accordance with your goals and wishes, as well as matching your current personal situation, I will look for an affordable and reliable financing partner for you, so that you can concentrate fully on your dream property.

ING-DiBa german mortgage rates -
current fixed interest rate for 10 years  

ING-DiBa german mortgage rates -
current fixed interest rate for 15 years  

ING-DiBa german mortgage rates -
current fixed interest rate for 20 years  

According to ING-DiBa's condition table dated 17.04.2024 including interest rate discounts for a net loan amount from € 300,000.

With the green mortgage, ING-DiBa offers an additional discount of 0.10% p.a. interest rate discount. interest rate discount for the construction, purchase, modernisation or rescheduling of particularly energy-efficient properties in energy efficiency class A+ or A. The interest rate discount only applies to the first fixed interest rate period.

is a partner of up to 400 banks 
and premium partner of ING.

Top Partner der ING

With up to 400 financing partners (banks, savings banks, building societies or insurance companies), we will jointly find a suitable financing solution for your real estate financing.

Prohyp GmbH
Hanseatic Bank - Partner MEIN FINANZKONZEPT
Qualitypool - Partner MEIN FINANZKONZEPT
Santander Bank - Partner MEIN FINANZKONZEPT
BHW Bausparkasse - Partner MEIN FINANZKONZEPT
ERGO Versicherung - Partner MEIN FINANZKONZEPT
Commerzbank - Partner MEIN FINANZKONZEPT
Münchener Hyp - Partner MEIN FINANZKONZEPT
Deutsche Bank - Partner MEIN FINANZKONZEPT
Sparda Bank Hessen - Partner MEIN FINANZKONZEPT
Degussa Bank - Partner MEIN FINANZKONZEPT
Sparkasse Vorpommern - Partner MEIN FINANZKONZEPT
Hypovereinsbank - Partner MEIN FINANZKONZEPT
Berliner Volksbank - Partner MEIN FINANZKONZEPT

Your property financing with

Service-oriented, competent and flexible, I accompany you with your property financing so that you can buy your dream property quickly and easily.

Baufinanzierung mit MEIN FINANZKONZEPT

1. Inquire without obligation

You can send your request to me either via the contact form, directly by email or by phone. 

Immobilienfinanzierung mit MEIN FINANZKONZEPT

2. Consultation

I will get in touch with you within a very short time and we will discuss your financing project together.

Zinsvergleich Baufinanzierung

3. Discuss offers

After our personal consultation, you will receive your offer from me (several are also possible) for your real estate financing, including the document checklist, and we will discuss this together.

Immobilienfinanzierung mit MEIN FINANZKONZEPT abschliessen

4. Complete mortgage lending

After all the details have been clarified, I will submit your loan application to the bank and take care of the other formalities. You will then receive the loan agreement and you can sign your binding mortgage for the property of your choice.

Versicherungen, Ratenkredit, weitere Immobilienfinanzierung mit MEIN FINANZKONZEPT

5. Follow-up consultation

I will also accompany you after the contract has been signed and continue to support you until your real estate financing has been paid out. In order to protect your dream property from unexpected events, I would be happy to help you with the insurance topics BU and LV risk.

Calculate real estate financing 

The mortgage calculators from MEIN FINANZKONZEPT helps you to plan and calculate your property financing.  With the mortgage calculators from MEIN FINANZKONZEPT  you are always up to date with your mortgage. The financing calculator, the budget calculator and the repayment calculator are easy to use, have different functions and quickly give you information about how your property financing for your dream property or how a follow-up financing or a forward loan for your existing property financing can look. Feel free to try it out. 

"How much house can I afford?""

The budget calculator from MEIN FINANZKONZEPT helps you find out what your maximum loan amount can be for your real estate financing. The budget calculator takes into account your monthly income, your insurance premiums, your current loans and your desired rate. I recommend that you set the loan instalment amount to a maximum of 35% of your household income.

Calculate repayment

The repayment calculator from MEIN FINANZKONZEPT helps you find out how high your repayment percentage can be for your real estate financing, for your follow-up financing or for your forward loan. The repayment calculator gives you an overview of the amount of the additional costs and the calculated loan term. You will also receive a repayment plan tailored to your needs.

Calculate mortgage

The financing calculator from MEIN FINANZKONZEPT is a complete solution for your construction financing. In the financing calculator you will find your loan budget, your financing options, including for your follow-up financing, as well as the contact details of your contact person. The financing calculator also allows you to apply for your construction financing digitally. In addition, you can upload documents of you personally or of your desired property here. I am always there for you and will be happy to accompany you through the entire process - by telephone, e-mail or video consultation. 

Construction financing in Berlin & Brandenburg wiht MEIN FINANZKONZEPT

Construction financing - needs-based and transparent advice
is important to us!

If you are looking for a suitable construction financing, our construction financing calculator, budget calculator and repayment calculator can be a valuable help in comparing. To find the right offer and the right bank for your real estate financing, comprehensive and competent advice is necessary, no matter whether you want to buy a property or refinance an existing loan. With the help of my presence or video counselling, I will accompany you in your financing process at any time. For you, this means professional and, above all, tailor-made advice on buying a house or flat and the best conditions for your construction financing.
With my online construction financing application section, you are always up to date and receive the information and daily interest rate offers that are important to you. In the joint face-to-face or video consultation, I explain to you what you should pay attention to when taking out a mortgage. Together we will discuss the technical terms fixed interest rate, repayment, mortgage lending value limits, forward loans and also which screws need to be changed in order to be able to realise the financing for your dream property. 

Apply for german ING-DiBa mortgage via MEIN FINANZKONZEPT  

MEIN FINANZKONZEPT is a top partner of ING in the area of real estate financing. For you, this means that you can take full advantage of all the benefits of ING-DiBa construction financing and at the same time receive first-class as well as personal advice. Our advisory service for your ING-DiBa construction financing is of course free of charge.


  1. competent and first-class advice 

  2. ING-DiBa interest rate conditions in accordance with the ING interest rate table

  3. no interest surcharge for advisory services

  4. KfW subsidy  

  5. very streamlined application process with lean documentation requirements

  6. fast processing time of your financing application with fully submitted documents -> 3 working days until approval

ING-DiBa real estate financing via MEIN FINANZKONZEPT means:

Digitale Expertise für Baufinazierung ING
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