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Disability insurance from Berlin

I am here for you and will be happy to advise you on your
occupational disability insurance

in person in Berlin and Brandenburg,
by video consultation or on the phone and throughout Germany.

Protect your working capacity,
retain your personal freedom

Familie absichern

The risk of becoming unable to work is often underestimated, although the statistics are clear. According to these statistics, every third man and every fifth woman in Germany retires prematurely from working life due to various causes. This can result in high financial losses for you and your family. Therefore, make sure you are covered for this eventuality. Because the statutory pension for reduced earning capacity does not protect you nearly enough. Without sufficient private provision in the form of occupational disability insurance, those affected usually have to use their own assets to cover their living expenses. Not infrequently, however, their own assets are not sufficient to compensate for the loss of earnings in the long term. Occupational disability can help to minimise the financial risks. 

Ursachen für Berufsunfähigkeit

Calculate and compare occupational disability insurance     

With Softair's analysis tool, you can calculate and compare your suitable occupational disability insurance from the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is enter a few pieces of information. The more information you disclose, the clearer your result will be. A comparison can only be effective if the quality of the information is right. In a joint meeting (face-to-face or video consultation) we will discuss your comparison offers and I will accompany you on the way to the right cover, I promise you that. MEIN FINANZKONZEPT stands for competent financial advice in Berlin, Brandenburg, Greifswald Vorpommern, Emden and throughout Germany. Contact me, I will be happy to help you.

Your disability insurance with

Service-oriented, competent and flexible, I accompany you on the subject of insurance and provision so that you can minimize your financial risks and sit back and relax.

Anfrage für die Beratung einer Versicherung an Versicherungsmakler MEIN FINANZKONZEPT in Berlin, Brandenburg, Emden, Usedom, Vorpommern-Greifswald, Mecklenburg Vorpommern

1. Inquire without obligation

You can send your request to me either via the contact form, directly by email or by phone.

Rückmeldung Versicherungsmakler MEIN FINANZKONZEPT und Terminvereinbarung für ein Beratungsgespräch Versicherungen

2. Consultation

I will get in touch with you within a very short time and we will discuss your insurance issues together.

Beratungsgespräch und Erstellung Angeboten für Ihre Versicherung durch Versicherungsmakler MEIN FINANZKONZEPT in Anfrage für die Beratung einer Versicherung an Versicherungsmakler MEIN FINANZKONZEPT in Berlin, Brandenburg, Emden, Usedom, Vorpommern-Greifswald, Mecklenburg Vorpommern

3. Discuss offers

After our personal consultation, you will receive your offer from me (several are also possible) for your insurance topic and we will discuss this together.

Unterschrift auf Antrag Versicherung mit Versicherungsmakler MEIN FINANZONZEPT in Anfrage für die Beratung einer Versicherung an Versicherungsmakler MEIN FINANZKONZEPT in Berlin, Brandenburg, Emden, Usedom, Vorpommern-Greifswald, Mecklenburg Vorpommern

4. Take out insurance

After all the details have been clarified, I will submit your insurance application to the insurance company and take care of the further formalities.

Nach Vertagsabschluss weiterhin Ansprechpartner für andere Finanzthemen wie z.B. Risiko-LV, BU-Versicherung, Baufinanzierug, Ratenkredit und Immobilien in Anfrage für die Beratung einer Versicherung an Versicherungsmakler MEIN FINANZKONZEPT in Berlin, Brandenburg, Emden, Usedom, Vorpommern-Greifswald, Mecklenburg Vorpommern

5. Follow-Up consultation

I will also accompany you after the contract has been signed and will continue to support you. I am also happy to be at your disposal as a supervisor for your existing insurance contracts.

Disability insurance 

For private occupational disability insurance, the
Occupational disability is defined in the Insurance Contract Act (VVG) as follows:
A person is incapable of working if he or she is last practiced, as it was designed without any health impairment, as a result of illness, bodily harm or more than an age-related decline in strength, in whole or in part, probably no longer in the long term.

As a further prerequisite for the insurer's obligation to provide benefits, it can be agreed that the insured person does not or cannot carry out any other activity which they are able to take on based on their training and skills and which corresponds to their previous position in life. This obligation on the part of the insurer to provide benefits is known as a "waiver of abstract referral". For the conclusion of an occupational disability insurance, the "waiver of an abstract referral" is absolutely a must!
An occupational disability insurance (BU) makes sense for everyone who lives on their income from work. Because if you can no longer work in your job for health reasons, then the statutory disability pension is not sufficient. The occupational disability insurance is a risk insurance, the monthly premium depends on your state of health (age, previous illnesses, etc.).

How does an occupational disability insurance (BU) work?

In accordance with VVG §172, the occupational disability insurance pays you a monthly pension if you are no longer able to exercise your last profession
for health reasons, you will probably no longer be able to work permanently. This means that an insurance benefit from the occupational disability insurance is linked to your last occupation. Whether you could exercise another profession despite health restrictions is irrelevant for the occupational disability insurance. As soon as you have become at least 50% incapacitated for health reasons (consequences of an illness, an accident, a mental illness, etc.), you can no longer fully exercise your professional activity and you are entitled to a benefit from the insurance. 

Reduced earning capacity pension  

The hurdles for receiving a reduced earning capacity pension are very high. Special medical and insurance law requirements are necessary. The legal regulations can be found in SGB ​​6 §46. The insurance law requirements are that you must not yet have reached retirement age. Furthermore, you must have paid into the statutory pension insurance for at least five years. For the last five years prior to the onset of reduced earning capacity, three years of compulsory contributions for insured employment must be proven. If you have paid into the statutory pension insurance for five years in the past, but have been professionally self-employed for the last four years and have not made any compulsory contributions, then there is no entitlement to reduced earning capacity. The medical requirements for receiving a reduced earning capacity pension are also demanding. First of all, it is examined whether the ability to work (it is not a question of the ability to return to your learned profession) can be partially or completely restored through medical or vocational rehabilitation measures. After these rehabilitation measures have been carried out, it is then further examined to what extent the claimant is able to work again or whether the claim for reduced earning capacity is justified. If the claim is justified, then the reduced earning capacity pension is usually only granted for a limited period of time. Only if the claimant can prove that he or she is no longer able to work more than three hours a day can the reduced earning capacity pension be granted for an unlimited period. People who are able to work between 3 and 6 hours a day are entitled to a partial reduced earning capacity pension (50%). Those who are able to work more than 6 hours a day are not entitled. The amount of the reduced earning capacity pension depends on pension entitlements acquired in the course of one's professional career. The annual pension information shows the amount of the full reduced earning capacity pension. 

What should you look out for in occupational disability insurance? 

There are some important points to consider before taking out an occupational disability insurance policy. Enclosed you will find important information.

You should take out occupational disability insurance as early as possible, as this will significantly reduce the monthly premiums for occupational disability insurance.
Combined products with life or pension insurance are not necessary. A single tariff allows you more flexibility and creates more transparency.
The agreed occupational disability pension should be between 75 - 80 % of your last net income. Adjustments to your occupational disability pension are recommended in the event of salary increases! 
Since the occupational disability pension is paid by the insurer over a long period of time when the insured event occurs, a financially strong insurer is advantageous.
The margin between gross and net premium should not be too high, so that you are not surprised by sudden premium increases at the end.
It makes sense to agree on a dynamic in the occupational disability insurance contract, as this protects you against inflation.
Your occupational disability insurance should only include a waiver of abstract referral.
The insurance and benefit period should last at least until the age of 60, better would be until the age of 67. However, the monthly premium to be paid up to the age of 67 becomes significantly more expensive. 

How is the monthly insurance premium for an occupational disability insurance calculated?

The amount of the insurance premium is calculated on the basis of various criteria that can influence the risk of a claim for the insurer. The following characteristics have an influence on the monthly insurance premium:

  • age at entry into the insurance

  • contract duration of the insurance -> occupational disability insurance up to the age of 60 is cheaper than up to the age of 67.

  • occupational risks -> an occupational disability insurance for a pilot can be more expensive than for an office worker

  • leisure activities -> high-risk hobbies such as skydiving increase the monthly contribution

  • health risks (previous illnesses)

  • amount of the desired occupational disability pension

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