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Ratenkredit mit MEIN FINANZKONZEPT Berlin

Instalment loan

Benefit from the low interest rates now and fulfil your wishes. 
I am here for you and will be happy to advise you personally
in Berlin and Brandenburg,
by video consultation throughout Germany.


You would like to fulfil a wish, need some money for it and only want to pay little interest? Do you have too many different instalment loans, have you lost track and would like a single loan that bundles your liabilities so that you only pay one loan instalment in the future? Then I am the right contact person for you. In accordance with your goals and wishes, as well as matching your current personal situation, I will find a low-cost and reliable financing partner for you. With my interest comparison calculator you can request current interest conditions and compare your loan. Contact me, I will be happy to help you!

partners for instalment loans are

Prohyp GmbH
Quality Pool
Santander Bank

Your instalment loan with

Service-oriented, competent and flexible, I will accompany you on your way to the instalment loan so that you can fulfill your wishes.

Ratenkredit anfragen

1. Inquire without obligation

You can send your request to me either via the contact form, directly by email or by phone.

Angebot Ratenkredit

2. Consultation

I will get in touch with you within a very short time and we will discuss your financing project together.

Zinssatz Finanzierung vergleichen

3. Discuss offers

After our personal consultation, you will receive your offer from me (several are also possible) for your installment loan including the document checklist and we will discuss this together.

Wünsche und Träume erfüllen

4. Take out an installment loan

After all the details have been clarified, send the loan agreement to the bank and you will receive your loan amount in your account within a few days.

Nach dem Kreditvertrag weitere Themen wie z.B. Risiklebensversicherung und BU-Versicherung besprechen

5. Follow-up consultation

I will also accompany you after the contract has been signed and will be happy to support you with other financial topics such as insurance, construction financing or real estate.

Apply for your loan conveniently via MEIN FINANZKONZEPT 

The application process for a consumer loan via MEIN FINANZKONZEPT is very streamlined and simple. My platform partners, Prohyp GmbH and Qualiytpool GmbH, broker bank loans throughout Germany. The advantage for you is that I take care of everything. All we need are the mandatory documents and a consultation. This can take place by telephone, in person or by video consultation. During our discussion, I will receive all the necessary information from you, so that you can then sit back and relax. Based on the information you provide, the documents you submit and my expertise, you will receive a binding offer from me within a few hours that will meet your expectations. Included in the offer is the bank's loan agreement, the corresponding document checklist and the Postident procedure. The rest will then be a mere formality and you will receive your desired loan paid into your account within a few days. 

Realize short-term wishes with an instalment loan 

 A consumer loan is ideal for spontaneous purchases or short-term expenses that exceed the available savings. This is a regular bank loan that is repaid to the bank in fixed monthly instalments. The maximum loan term can be up to 120 months. 
The loan amount is limited to a maximum sum. For most banks, the maximum loan amount is between € 50,000 and € 75,000. 
The instalment loan for private individuals is often also referred to as a consumer loan, personal loan, consumer loan or consumer credit.

What features should your instalment loan have? 

 A consumer loan should be flexible and tailored to your needs. A bank loan should at least have the following credit features:

  • maximum credit term selectable between 72 - 120 months (shorter terms possible)

  • free special repayments in partial amounts or the entire loan amount should be possible

  • possibility of deferring the monthly instalments if financial problems arise at short notice

  • residual debt, unemployment and occupational disability insurance are not a must for a consumer loan and should also not be a condition for granting it 

Apply for a loan from ING-DiBa via MEIN FINANZKONZEPT 

MEIN FINANZKONZEPT is a top partner of ING and you can apply for and take out your loan with ING through MEIN FINANZKONZEPT. Advice can be given in person, by telephone or by video. If all documents are complete and meet ING's requirements in terms of content, the loan amount is paid out within a few working days. 

What documents are required for an instalment loan with ING? 

  • the last three pay slips

  • Identity card or passport (with registration certificate) for new customers

  • In the case of a loan rescheduling, the existing loan agreement and a current account statement of the loan to be rescheduled are required

  • Transfer certificate for the loan to be redeemed / rescheduled from the bank to be redeemed, indicating the current remaining debt and the interest still to be paid

What documents are needed for an instalment loan? 

  • the last three pay slips

  • very often the banks want the account statements of the last three months at least of the last month

  • ID card or passport (with registration certificate)

  • in the case of a loan rescheduling, I need the existing loan agreement and a current bank statement   

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